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Feel the vibes blasting from MozzartBet - Young, energetic and thrilling are the three key-words for this online casino. Why?! Because they pack a massive collection of top casino games. Combined with some juicy bonus offers you will play here with great joy.  Check out the game providers: Playtech, SkillOnNet, WMS, Amaya, NextGen Gaming and Evolution Gaming... not enough to get Mega lucky?! MozzartBet Casino loved by people from all over the world. Make sure to be part of it today and start enjoying a good boost of money!

  • one click play instant casino (all games!)
  • a true unique selection of casino games like Big Kahuna
  • hard to find table games available
  • customer friendly support and generous promotion team.

Opening an account is free and they have great bonus promotions!

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Our number 1 online casino at Swahili casinos is the mighty PariPesa. As the story goes they bring loads of luck to their players. Because they host fantastic games boosting your excitement and energy. Whether playing online or via your cellphone this casino is one of the best and most reliable places on the web. Enjoy over 400 games.

  • best for live table games and African themed slots
  • fast pay-outs (and wide array of deposit options)
  • excellent support service also via phone
  • great promotions served weekly

Opening an account is free and up to 1000$ bonus and 150FreeSpins!play-swahili-casinos

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22bet swahili casinoThe 1st casino at Swahili casinos is the mighty 22BET. A casino that could easily be number one in the world too. 22BET casino has everything to be in the top of casino rankings. Having a solid reputation, built up due to good business practice, make this an easy pick. They know what the player needs to feel comfortable playing online. Their games, provided by several worldreknown operators have won many awards.

The software is available in two versions. A direct play (HTML5) plug and as downloadable package. Both are 100% safe and easy to install.

  • top slot titles: Beo Wulf,  Hot Safari, 888Gold & Wild Monkey.
  • world famous Live Casino
  • professional support ready to serve 24/7
  • daily promotional offers van be expected

Opening an account is free. You are eligible for up to $300 bonus on your 1st deposit!


Updates 2024

  • 27 February promotions Mozzartbet added
  • 19 February – Paripesa Casino added
  • 11 February – dedicated bonus code added “Swahili”
  • 08 January – 22Bet anounced as number one casino for Kenya
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Mozzartbet Casino Promotions for Kenya

Unlocking Opportunities: Check Mozzart Bet Kenya's Casino Promotions Mozzartbet Casino Promotions...

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Casino Resorts in Kenya - Besides thrilling trails in the Kenyan wilderness the country offers...

Kenya Jackpot Winner Gets 2 Million Prize

Kenya just got another millionaire – a local club owner from Laikipia who scored a 2 million...
paripesa casino
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SwahiliCasinos.com has the most reliable information about games like the super safari slot, casino’s and online Swahili casinos. All dedicated to Africa and its great people. Games themed with proud tribes, wild life and mysterious treasures that can be found in many African countries. All widely available and we got them all sorted for you. Hence we are your top resource for gaming!

On the hunt for a brick-and-mortar casino in your region? Why not consider our dedicated pages for Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo


About Online Casinos
1996 the year it al started. Internet was already there for a few decades but no one had thought of online casinos. Till intercasino popped up. One of the (if not thé) first online casino on the web. Although only 10 games to play back then it still was a revolutionary new idea.

As a result of fast innovation now-a-days there are thousands of onlinecasinos. All spread out over the web. But not all target African countries (or are available in Swahili). Game operators, payment-providers, support-agents all specialism that needs to be native born Africans and speak Swahili. Not an easy task… and therefore we have developed SwahiliCasinos.com, your guide in online casino land.

About Online Casino Games
The variety of casino games is stunning. Currently most of them built in the code HTML5 so compatible for desktops. But it does not stop there. Tablets and mobile phones are conquering the marketplace.And player use them a lot for playing their games.

90% of the casino games are all accessible with your genuine casino account so there is no need to open multiple accounts. You can access them with different devices or games. Both Android and IOS are suited for playing games.

Nevertheless some of the casino’s still use downloadable software. No worries, rest assured this is 100% free of computer-viruses and securely installed within a few minutes. (Depending on your internet-speed)

Although all games play smooth on different service providers it is advised to have a fast internet-connection. Especially for live casino games like live Roulette and Blackjack. Hence in general the software games and slot perform excellent on commonly available internet packages in Africa.

About Feeling Lucky
Feeling Lucky is a life style. We all have bad days. While some of us bad weeks and for others it seems there is no end to misfortune. Cheer up! One day you will be lucky too. Lady Fortune will walk along your side for a long time. You will be feeling lucky for the rest of your life. Hence chin up, nose forward and grab the chances to change your life. Therefore you need Swahili casinos, feel the luck, breath the luck! Today is your day,.. GET THE LUCK!
  • AVERAGE RETURN TO PLAYER 96.60% 96.60%
  • AVERAGE RETURN TO PLAYER 98.43% 98.43%
  • AVERAGE RETURN TO PLAYER 95.92% 95.92%
  • AVERAGE RETURN TO PLAYER 95.92% 95.92%

Registering for a free online casino account involves a straightforward process. It allows you to access games and betting options without initially investing real money. Below are the general steps you need to follow to register a free account. Keep in mind that the specifics can vary slightly from one online casino to another.

Step 1: Choose a Reputable Online Casino

  • Research: Start by researching reputable online casinos that offer free account options. Both Paripesa and Bet22 are great options!
  • License and Security: The casino’s on shwailicasinos.com are fully licensed and take the highest security measures to guarantee safe gaming. (Any legitimate online casino should be licensed by a recognized authority and use encryption to protect your personal information.)

Step 2: Visit the Casino’s Website

  • Website Navigation: Go to the official website of the casino you’ve chosen.
  • Mobile Compatibility: If you prefer to play on a mobile device, check if the casino has a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website.

Step 3: Sign-Up Process

  • Registration Form: Click on the sign-up button, which will direct you to a registration form. You’ll need to fill in various details, including but not limited to your name, email address, date of birth, and possibly your address and phone number.
  • Username and Password: Choose a username and a secure password. The password should be unique and contain a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols to ensure account security.

Step 4: Verify Your Account

  • Email Confirmation: After submitting the registration form, you’ll likely receive an email from the casino. Open this email and click on the confirmation link to verify your email address.
  • Document Submission: Some casinos may require you to verify your identity by submitting documents. This step is crucial for ensuring the security of your account and may not be needed immediately upon registration.

Step 5: Explore Free Play Options

  • Accessing Games: Once your account is set up and verified, log in to your new account. Look for sections that offer free play or demo versions of games like the Mega Moolah slot for example. .
  • Understanding Terms: Familiarize yourself with any terms and conditions related to free play, such as whether there are any limitations on the games you can play or the duration of free access.

Step 6: Consider a Deposit (Optional)

  • Deposit Options: If you decide to move from free play to real money games, check out the deposit options and any bonuses for new players. Remember, you can only win reall money if you play with real money!

Step 7: Responsible Gambling

  • Set Limits: Always remember to gamble responsibly. Set your won limits on how much time and money you’re willing to spend. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose!


Mozzartbet Casino Promotions for Kenya

Unlocking Opportunities: Check Mozzart Bet Kenya's Casino Promotions Mozzartbet Casino Promotions - The best promotion for online casino players?! Visit Mozzart Bet Kenya! This casino stands out with its innovative approach to engaging players through a series of carefully curated online casino promotions! These promotions not only enhance your experience but also offer an unique opportunities...

Casinos in Kenya at Hotel Resorts

Casino Resorts in Kenya - Besides thrilling trails in the Kenyan wilderness the country offers some great casino resorts and racetracks too.  Visiting Kenya will keep surprising you every day. This country has so much to offer that spending two or three weeks in not even remotely close to "enough" to enjoy Kenya to the fullest. As we are a dedicated gaming site for Kenyan visitors, it will...

Kenya Jackpot Winner Gets 2 Million Prize

Kenya just got another millionaire – a local club owner from Laikipia who scored a 2 million prize. But unlike most people, this lucky Kenya jackpot winner didn’t get a big prize by spending on lottery. No, he got to be a millionaire by working his talents for sports betting. To learn more details about his hard-earned win, check out the full story below. 10 Games Guessed Right for a Big Payout...

Big Jackpot Win of €390,896 Hit on Live Casino Game

Taking home a big jackpot win mostly happens to slot players who try their luck at progressive jackpot slot games. But one lucky player from Norway just proved that not all monumental wins are slot-related. In fact, his €390K win wasn't even hit on a virtual casino game but a live one instead.  To get the full scoop about how the jackpot was triggered, just keep reading. Big Jackpot Win on Dream...


new online casino game
new online casino game

Online Casinos Kenya

Kenya’s online casino landscape offers a vibrant mix of local and international platforms, catering to a diverse audience of gaming enthusiasts. The industry is regulated under the Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act, enforced by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB).

This regulatory framework ensures that casinos operate within legal boundaries, providing players with safe and fair gaming experiences. The regulations cover aspects such as licensing, gambling advertising, and the promotion of responsible gambling, aiming to protect both the interests of players and the public.

Online Casinos Tanzania

Online casinos in Tanzania are a thriving part of the country’s entertainment sector, offering a wide array of gaming options to both local and international players. The industry is regulated under the Gaming Board of Tanzania, which ensures that all online casinos operate in compliance with local laws and standards.

This regulatory body is responsible for issuing licenses, monitoring gaming activities, and promoting responsible gambling practices among operators and players alike, ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment.


Did you know that there are tons of casino games that like Swahili casinos originated in Africa? Let’s not forget that our continent is one of the richest in the world.

What about our: Natural resources, wildlife, culture and history! Africa is the root of many things. No wonder lot of software providers create games that refer to our past and present. We should be proud of that!

Famous African themed slots:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Super Safari
  • Pure Platinum
  • Big Kahuna

As you can see there a lots of top games to play that make you feel at home. But why not discover other continents too?! There are over 3000 themed casino slots out there, so start to discover them today.


online casino game rules Playing online casino games is fun, especially when you are able to play in your own language Swahili! Unfortunately some of the games can be a bit tricky to play if you don’t know the rules of the game. But not to be encouraged as there is online assistance, game rules are there to help.


Hence almost every online casino game provided by licensed casinos has a little help button in one of the corners of the game. Usually this is sign posted by a question mark or a little booklet icon. If you click on it a new windows opens with all details about the game. Step by step you can learn all the rules of specific games that you haven’t played before.

Extra tip: if you play the game of your choice in the practice modus it is completely free but the help section with rules is still available. This way you can learn all the basic rules without losing any money.
online casino software

photo: onlinecasinomalaysia.net

Most people don’t know that a casino on internet does not own the games they provide. They sign a contract with specialised software providers that are sole core game builders. Those lease (or rent if you wish) their game portfolio to clients all over the world. Therefore as a casino-site you can opt for all games or a selection of games.

Funny part of this whole software game development is the fact that game developers are also responsible for the different languages the game-pack offers. Resulting in game software providers not only being good in maths (calculating the results of the game engine) and design but almost of them have a core team of translators providing all game screens and content in multiple languages. Let’s hope the amount of Swahili casinos will grow soon.

Extra Tip: when playing on the gaming software try to find glitches or hidden gems like “Easter Eggs” some online casinos give good rewards for those tips.
paying tax online casino winnings Winning is money is always fun… till the tax agent shows his face around the corner. Every country has his own tax regime and therefore it is not doable for us to go in-depth on all details about gaming tax. So, the rule of thumb here is that either you or the online casino has to pay tax on winnings. Some countries do not charge tax on online casino winnings but it is better to be safe than sorry.


Bear in mind that usually a government or gaming authority provides information about tax on their website. If you have any doubts make sure to Google “gaming tax in (fill in your country)” and for sure a website of your local tax authority will pop up in the first results.

Extra tip: You don’t have it from us but did you know that online casinos never inform tax authorities about their customers, so if they don’t why should you?
african online gaming authorities

photo: gamingsites

Directly to the point here, those people are your friends! The gaming authorities are the institutes that safeguard a clean and reliable online casino and gaming environment. The provide licenses (and revoke them when necessary) and help to clean up the web from illegal casino websites. When you play online make sure to choose a casino that has a valid license from a reputable gaming authority.

In Afrcia there are many good authorities with the best intentions but reality also learns that some so called “authorities” have yet to learn what the words “honesty, reliable and trustworthy” stand for.

Extra tip: Did you know that all casino on SwahiliCasinos.com are legit providers of games and all regulated in bona fide countries.


A few examples of global online casino payment methods

online casino payment methods

When playing in online, hopefully at Swahili Casinos, there is no fun to play games in the fun-modus. Winning the jackpot might result in frustration and  a big disappointment. Why is that?!

Real money can only be won if real money has been paid into your casino players-account. All winnings in the fun mode are fake winnings that you can’t cash-out. Therefore you need to transfer money to an online casino. That way you can play real money games and have a chance to win solid cash.

Normally you hand over cash when purchasing goods or credits but how do money transfers work online? Below we will reveal the most common and widely accepted online payment methods for casinos globally.

  • Credit Cards – the most used method to pay online and to top-up your online casino account
  • Ewallets –  the last decade one of the fastest growing payment options for internet purchases
  • Pre-paid cards – available all over the world, frequently used because as a anonymous payment method
  • Money transfers – Western Union the biggest in the world covering 500.000 agencies (20.000 in Africa)

Extra tip: Money transactions at online casinos are 100% safe en secured. Encrypted coding and SSL certificates guarantee your safety online. So there is no need to fear transferring money online.
In Kenya Safaricom’s M-Pesa is the dominant mobile payment platform. Next to Jambopay, Pesapal and Pokopoko used daily by millions of Kenyans. Hence over 98.5% of transactions with mobile are via M-Pesa. Due to current transaction limitation, capped at KSh 70,000, High Rollers are not being able to play for high stakes. There is not much payment service providers can do about the limit. Because they are imposed by the Central Bank of Kenya. These are consequences of the new AML regulations. Implemented to reduce money laundering via mobile payments.

Mobile money transactions* are common in Kenya and most casinos are accepting them slowly but subsequently. There are not a lot of credit cards in the country but the numbers are growing steadily. A credit card is obviously one of the most accepted payment methods in an online casino. If you are able to get one you will benefit from it.

*Just a small note, online casinos don’t provide credit upfront.

CRDB one of the leading banks in Tanzania has introduced, ‘Win Big with TemboCard’. This promotion is initiated to introduce online and e-payments via TemboCard.  tA new wao to pay for the Tanzanian community. Like in many other African countries paying cash is still done by 95% of all the purchases.

With over 1,500 PoS and some 2,000 FahariHuduma Agents across Tanzania the CRDB is providing a new service. PoS devices make it possible to pay and transfer money. Hopefully TemboCard will be soon accepted at the online casinos too.

Besides TemboCard the bank recently launched a special new customer service called Premier Club. “those who will enroll at the centre will receive special cards called Tembo Card Visa Infinite...” according to CRDB Managing Director, Dr Charles Kimei.

Choose your own card to make safe payments online here: CRDB cards

MTN Uganda might be the biggest payment provider in Uganda there is more the horizon. With cash money transaction becoming insecure new “plastic” options find their way to consumers. In Uganda only five relatively new companies are investing heavily in online payment systems.

  1. Yo Uganda
    A former mobile solutions provider now focussing on online and mobile payments.
  2. Beyonic
    Although more B2B focussed in the beginning Beyonic is now widely available in Uganda for consumers as well.
  3. Useremit
    Handy mobile payment solution for transferring money online. Now also available for transfer between Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.
  4. Payway
    Paying utility bills became safe, fast and pretty easy when PayWay Uganda was released. Hence it didn’t take long before they started to provide more payment options.
  5. Jpesa
    Accepting money transfers between most countries in East Africa Jpesa is a safe method for mobile and e-payments. It works similar as the popular Kenyan Jambopay.
In Rwanda online (and mobile payments) can be processed via various Payment Service Providers. DirectPay works with Tigo, Pesa, Airtel and MTN. They process all major Credit-Cards and E-wallets.

On the 28th of September 2016 Mastercard, Bank of Kigali and RwandaOnline together have launched a brand new online payment solution in Rwanda. The engien behind this new option is Mastercard Payment Gateway Services.  The new method will be able to provide fast-tracking payments in the whole of Rwanda. Online payments became even more safe and vare ery simple to use for everybody.

In Burundi cash pickup via WorldRemit is common however this will not suffice for casino payments. Online casino can and will not accept cash transfers. EcoCash can be a good alternative for buying credits via your mobile.

Payza and Creditcards are available too but certainly the latter isn’t used very often in Burundi. VISA and Mastercard are accepted.

With the first big online warehouse opening in Mozambique (Compra) paying online became easier in Mozambique. Hence small PSPs like Credelec, MPESA and MKesh are gaining in popularity. But mainly the Telecom Providers are serving as online payment cashiers with LAM being the main one.

deposits from mozambiqueBIM IZI and Credit Cards can be sued online too when you want to purchase credits or goods via the internet. This payment solution is very well established in the country and therefore more and more online casino cashiers accept transfer made with IZI.

Online money is processed via CongoPay and a few other credit-card processors.  You can use your mobile to transfer money or purchase pre-paid cards with a special code.  Credit Cards although accepted online are still not widely used in Congo (DRC).

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Here at Swahili Casinos we are always happy to hear from our readers. So don’t hesitate and feel free to drop us a comment via our contact-form.

It might be a tip, some suggestions, additional info or even a complaint we do not fear your comments.

Help us grow the Swahili casino family and feed us with all the info you can give us to keep us sharp and make this site better.


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Worldcasinodirectory.com Name a place and they provide you with a casino. You can not imagine how many casino they have listed on their website. But there is more. Not only online they are complete. The enormous database of brick-and-mortar casinos is frightening.

Looking for a place to gamble in Mozambique, bam you got it! Visiting Kenya and looking to have some fun at the local roulette tables? Being the biggest consequently results in solutions. All the best spots appearing within three clicks. Not even mentioning Swahili Casinos…

visit website >> worldcasinodirectory.com

Casinocity.com is one of the oldest gaming portals on the web. They claim to be the  portal that literally lists all available online casino’s in the whole world. Who are we to doubt that! With tons of different sections, that can be selected according to your own preferences, they are a valuable resource. Therefore we definitely recommend you to give them a visit.

visit the website >>> www.casinocity.com

Dmoz.org is one of the oldest and most respected directories in the world. The listings are edited manually by professional volunteers.  They also form a strong community in the gaming scene. Although the site is not updated frequently it seems the gaming section still has a lot of valuable information. Freely sharing it with you, the online casino players. Especially relevant is the online gambling section.

visit the website >>> www.dmoz.org


BBC.com (in Swahili)
BBC.com Independent news channel in the Swahili language. Read all local news in your country provided by professional journalists.  Mainly focused on East African countries. Not surprisingly where Swahili is either the official language or still widely spoken by many people.  So keep up with the news and your language via this great resource.

visit website >> bbc.com


Ethnologue.com provides detailed information about Swahili and its origin. With a lot of useful links you can get any information available on the web. Educate yourself about Swahili and the people speaking it. Visit the website >>> www.ethnologue.com


Wikitravel.org planning to book a trip to one of the many countries where people speak Swahili? Then a visit at the dedicated Swahili page of Wikitravel is a must. The phrasebook provides al handy words and phrases you can use on your trip. Don’t forget to bookmark the page on your mobile for easy access when ravelling. visit the website >>> www.wikitravel.org


King.com Although not always completely free we still recommend this site. Here you can play a lot of good quality fun games and skillgames in real time against other players from all over the world! For a small amount of money you buy player credits which give you accces to soem pretty uniqeu  games. Every played billiard online or darts? We bet you didn’t, so go ahead and show your skills to the world!

register a free account >>> HERE


Addictinggames.com Casino games can be expensive and sometimes you just don’t want to gamble… yet you still want to play a game online. That’s the time when you want to “pay a visit” their website. With over 3000 free games (compatible for mobile as well) you can not lose out. Skill-games, soft-games, puzzle games, strategy or fun, you name it they have it. And the best part of it, no payments are needed, play for free!

visit website >> addictinggames.com


Pogo.com just like addictinggames the website Pogo is a free site too. But there is a difference, this site provides good online boardgames and skill games. The latter are very popular lately as solving mysteries is a big hit online. Cluedo was one of the first ever boardgames where crimes needed to be solved by players. Online the possibilities are endless, are you a real Sherlock? visit the website >>> www.pogo.com

Dedicated online casinos in Swahili

Swahilicasinos.com is the English version of kasinozakiswahili.com which is completely written in Swahili. Hence we are proud to be the only web-portal dedicated to the Swahili people and their own language. Consequently we will strive to establish a good community and where possible convince online casinos to translate their website and games into Swahili.

Whether you are visiting our website from Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya or any other of the countries where people speak Swahili bear in mind we al are united via the internet. Within a few clicks we can take ourselves all over the world. Resulting in being part of the global community that loves to play casino games.

Games are not restricted to borders and are accessible everywhere where internet is provided. Therefore we can enjoy the benefits of this era. But most important of all, may the fortune be with you at Swahili Casinos!